We are so excited for this year's classroom competition. The classroom with the most members per student will win a pizza party. The classroom with the most Gator Club memberships will win an ice cream sandwich social. Our classroom competitions will end on Monday, September 30, 2019. Thank you for partnering with PTA, and bringing more great experiences for your children

Sign up to be a PTA member by Monday, September 9th (our Membership Mingle) and you will be entered in a drawing for the following prizes:

*$25 Gift Certificate for the Book Fair

*Gift Certificate to local business

*San Gabriel Grocery Tote

*San Gabriel Sports Bottle

Winners will be announced at the Membership Mingle. Thank you for supporting San Gabriel PTA!

You can purchase your PTA Membership online by:

1. Select the desired membership level to add to your cart.

2. After payment, click the Online Membership Form to register your membership.

Our PTA realizes how important our children are and that they deserve the best opportunities in life. We also know that children learn more and do better when parents, school staff, students and the community work together to achieve these goals. PTA brings these groups together to share ideas and carry out about programs and activities that benefit all children.

In order to help our children and their families, San Gabriel PTA funds and supports programs such as:

* Field Trips

* Assemblies

* In School Science & Art Enrichment

* Reading Incentives

* STEAM Expo

* Library

* Battle of the Books

* Field Days

* Last Day Celebrations for 5th & K

So please join and support San Gabriel PTA by becoming a member. Annual dues are $10.00 per member and anyone can be a member including parents, students, grandparents, and friends. We also offer special Gator Club membership packages as seen above with some great thank you gifts.