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posted Jan 31, 2018, 11:19 AM by Jodie Cohen - Gator Gazette   [ updated Jan 31, 2018, 8:48 PM ]
The STEAM Expo was a huge success that would not have been possible without the help of a wonderful united community.  Ms. Kaul's class turned in 22 learning passports and won a Science Party for their class!  We had over 175 children attend this fabulous event and we would like the thank the following people and organizations.

Cal Poly
From Alpha Chi Sigma Fraternity: Daniel Sanderson and Emily Wilborn
From Liberal Studies department: Madison Hunstad
Central Coast Science Project Coordinator: Jenny Bush
The Cal Poly crew kept our little scientists intrigued with Gluep and Submarines. 

Paso High School
Mr. Mark Fairbanks and his many student helpers filled our stage and floor with a wonderful array of experiments for our students to explore including laying on a bed of nails and walking on glass!

Dr Hider and Dr. Huang from Primary Eyecare Associates
Dr. Hider and Dr. Huang performed Cow Eye Dissections allowing the students up close and personal interactions with an eyeball.

Mr. Ray Buban
Mr. Buban donated the chips to compliment our free hot dog dinner.  

San Gabriel Staff
Mrs. Anderson led our STEAM Expo Committee this year and organized our teacher helpers.  Thank you to Mrs. Sherer (Owl Pellets), Ms. Leoni (Gumdrop Polyhedrons), Mrs. Kirkpatrick (Drops on a Penny), Ms. Kaul (Against the Wind), Mrs. Calderwood (Chemistry in a Bag), Mrs. Platz (Balloon Rockets), Mrs. Reaney (Math Games) and Mrs. Havemann (Math Games).

STEAM Expo Committee
We had a fabulous supportive committee this year.  Vy Pierce and Stephanie Drexler (food prep/distribution), Cindy Morris and Ronnaug Purchase (teacher helpers), Jill Capozzoli, Montse Cross and Sandy Tomasini (Meet the Masters art), Rachel Hoxie (Scientific Cow Eye Drawing) along with our committee meeting attenders Shauna Ames, Melissa Cooper, Kristen Olsen, Liz Radtke, Jodie Cohen and Anne Shatara.